I'm a software engineer with a speciality in Android App Design and Development and have released many applications onto Google Play with total downloads in the millions.

Major Projects

MobiLinc Pro

I am the sole developer of the MobiLinc Pro application for Android. It is a large scale home automation app that is designed for high availability and high performance. It uses a multitude of technologies critical to many apps such as Web Services, JSON/SOAP, SQLite databases and is highly multithreaded in order to get the fastest performance possible.


I worked as a Senior Android developer as part of the team at MeetMe focusing on creation of major new features of the application including very custom UI. In addition, I overhauled their image management which led to substantial performance increases and reduction in total app crashes.


I came onto this project with a large existing code base and took over the position of Lead Android Developer. Was able to quickly totally overhaul the UI to a modern Android design and fix the performance problems in the application, which led to the app being featured by Google in the play store.

Twisty Launcher

This is an original concept I created, designed and wrote which allows a user to launch their favorite applications when they make motion gestures with their device. Twisty launcher allows unlocking up to three different gestures. Each gesture can be configured to launch the app of your choosing.

Areas of expertise

Performance and Memory Optimization

I have been brought on to several major applications with severe performance issues and was able to get all of them butter smooth. My knowledge of application performance tuning includes view refactoring, overdraw correction, memory management, proper threading, handling of bitmaps, and finding and fixing the root cause of stuttering applications. I excel at taking poorly performing applications and making them run smoothly.

Custom UI

Over the years I have had the pleasure to get the opportunity to work on several custom UI components desired by companies to give their apps a more rich look and feel.

Column View

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The ColumnView was created in order to allow adapter based scrolling of views in a flexible column based layout. The ColumnView has similar usability to the GridView, but has a much more interesting flow that features the content better.

The ColumnView is fully optimized to take advantage of all the performance gains available in Jelly Bean and is being used in production code run by millions of users.

Horizontal List View

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The AndroidHorizontalListView was created in order to allow adapter based horizontal scrolling of views. Surprisingly the Android framework contains a vertical scrolling list (ListVIew) but not a horizontal scrolling list that makes responsible use of memory. The HorizontalListView was created to fill this need.

It mimics the interfaces as closely as possible to a regular ListView which makes it extremely easy to use. It features edge effect animations, edge blur effects, as well as fully takes advantage of the frame rate improvements available through Android Jelly Bean's project butter. It is currently being used in production code that is on millions of devices.


MobiLinc Pro was featured by Verizon Wireless in a national black friday ad campaign. Commercials aired nationally on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Comedy Central, E!, and ESPN.

SnipSnap was featured by Google in the play store under Awesome Apps This Week. SnipSnap was acquired by Slyce in 2015.

Twisty Launcher has been featured on VentureBeat, International Business Times, Lifehacker, AndroidPIT, Ubergizmo, AndroidTapp and Android Police.
My training videos and blog posts have been featured on Android Weekly