Android Developer Reading Guide

I have been developing Android applications professionally for several years. Recently I gave a boot camp on Android development and figured it would be helpful to provide a fairly conclusive list of references that could be used to continue the learning process once I left. This list should be useful to anyone that wants to learn Android development to a professional level.

---Updated Jan-29-2014---

: Professional Android 4 Application Development by Reto Meier
Marakana Bootcamp Videos:
Android Developer Root of all Documents:
Android Source Code:
Android Bug Reports:
API Demos App: Incredibly useful with tons of example code. Make it in eclipse via: New Project —> Android Sample Project —> API Demos
Manifest Information:
Activities and their lifecycle:
Resource Qualifiers Explained:

Google Training Videos

Google IO:
Google IO:
Android Developer Youtube Channel:

App Design:
Google’s Design Recommendations and tutorial:
Get ideas of what a beautiful app should look like:

Must read blogs

Fragments (You need to read all of them to fully understand) (How to handle rotation) (How to reuse common XML code. “Use Layout Aliases"  particularly interesting.)

Tool to make a class parcelabler
Data persistence:
Database and Content Providers:
String formatting possible in XML:

Android Specific Multithreading

runOnUiThread (Sync to UI thread on an activity easily):
Get warnings and runtime errors when you do bad things on the UI thread:
Java Multithreading Basic Tutorial:

UI Related

Common Android UI Components:
List of open source custom UI:
Styles and Themes:
Make a custom button (Use selector):
Designing for multiple screen sizes and densities
Creating custom components:

Backwards Compatibility

Use wrapper classes:

Very frequently used libraries

Backwards compatible ActionBar:
Backwards compatible animation: 
Backwards compatible Holo theme:
Backwards compatible view paging:
Backwards compatible fragments (and many other things):

Data parsing

JSON Parsing (DOM):
Jackson JSON XML Parsing (SAX/DOM):

Data downloading and caching

Image Downloading:
Retrofit - REST client:
OkHttp An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications:

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